How Delta-V Studios transformed product demos, with simple effective animation


TruCryo is company based in the midlands leading a revolution in cryostimulation with their Kassen line of devices. They approached Delta-V Studios with a need for specific branded animation that would help illustrate and explain their process of cryostimulation to potential clients. The animation would be used at trade shows, seminars and as a presentation aid to ultimately generate more interest and leads.


After multiple briefings, we sketched up the initial concept and how the animation might work. Upon approval of these ideas, we set to work developing them into the final deliverable design. After a couple of revisions, we delivered three highly detailed infographic animations that explained each stage of their process. Since completing the work we have heard that these animations are integral to the TruCryo presentations, working as a tool to engage and align audiences with their technology.


How Delta-V used its animation magic, to bring Arthr Alive Online.


As an audiovisual artist that relies upon motion graphics to tell a story, it was requested that these themes play an integral part of the site design for Arthr. The build also needed to be a showcase of his unique style and act as a home for the brand that fans could interact with outside of social media. The other main focus of the site would be to compel visitors to sign up to the built in mailing list in order to build a fan base and keep in contact with these fans for the long term.


After a meetup over coffee, the first discussion was based around which elements should be interactive. All agreed that a striking video header would be important as a dynamic first impression when visiting the site. The next step was to bring Arthr’s unique collection of cassette merchandise to life, which would continue the theme of motion as the user navigates through the site. For this we developed photorealistic renders of the cassettes so the products could be animated as the user scrolls through. Arthr continues to grow and develop his online following and community. With a much clearer signup form and the dynamic content displayed within the site, he reported firstly that there has been, ‘a tonne of praise for the floating smoky clocks.’ The clearer mailing list has also seen a significant uplift in signups.


How Delta-V Studios helped grow the South-West’s newest alternative hair business, from “pipe-dream” to reality.


Delta-V Studios supported a Cornish based alternative “dreadlock” Hairstylist with a complete visual identity system, animations, marketing materials and full stack website development. The objective was to design a simple website to allow SHREDDREADS to market themselves effectively and add validity to their unique operation. The result was a complete visual identity system and online presence which has now been expanded across physical merchandise and social media. As a result SHREDDREADS have a rapidly growing client base with high rates of return and the brand name is becoming synonymous with dreadlock community in the southwest of England.


Shreddreads didn’t fully exist before the help of Delta-V Studios. We first met Matt over a beer as we discussed his fantastic vision for a revolutionary mobile “dread-loctician”, that could allow him to style clients hair, with the outstanding natural beauty of Devon and Cornwall, as his backdrop. Matt originally wanted to discuss how he could build a website, which would allow customers to easily get in touch with him. "Nothing complex”, was the request “just a simple over view of what I do”. We dialled back the conversation and helped discover Matt’s mission; which was offer the best quality, life long dreadlocks, in the most relaxing environment possible. We had no idea that one highstreet session, could be 8 hours sat looking at a mirror! We guided matt through his brand strategy and concluded that a visual identity was also required to market himself effectively. After several more meetings and design revisions, we settled on the “SHREDDREADS” name and identity system he is using today. We then worked with Matt to craft a complete package of; visual identity marks and logos, engaging animations, colour pallet guides and crucially, a personalised area of the internet he could call home. He now has a place to allow his customers to discover him, hosted on our high speed secure web hosting platform. Matt messaged us only one day, after the launch of his website, to say how someone had contacted him directly from finding him online! Matt has continues to grow his business and online following and has begun to branch out to merchandise, all featuring the SHREDDREADS identify system. We still support Matt with free information / Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) updates, along with maintenance to his platform. We also support him in building marketing materials and content as his business grows.